I’ve been to CGI Bandhan function

Had loads of fun in Dad’s office function.
– got a free flying disc (I don’t know how to play with it yet. but I saw people placing it on the ground and standing on top of it. I tried it myself and found it cool)
– got myself balloons. first a flower and then a sword. with the sword I tried hitting family members and trees:)
– what did I have?
There was no breakfast so had to snack up with popcorn, top layers of springroll, half-boiled corn!!
Lunch was so so too! So didn’t have much.. Later on dad had to get me some cookies.. which finally helped me fill myself..
Towards the end had some bondas too!!!
– All right what did I play?
* With plenty of balls there.. I played with a gal there.. Don’t remember her name, but she was pretty.
* Throwing a toy into a wooden big Mouth!!! well people were wasting time making it to bounce on a stretched rubber platform! I threw it directly into it :)
* I liked Frog and hammer game! Hit hammer so hard on a wooden plank that frog on the other side of plank jumps and falls into a area.. Let me tell you frog was pretty cool.
* I played with a
giant men!!! (I kinda cried! it was way too high.. well above ground) ..
winnie/mickey/teddy – They lifted me and dad took some snaps too.
* Shows:
Slept while shadows -1 and two other groups were dancing.
I watched the rock show and listened to badly pronounced songs.. But it was still cool. Dad showed me “Electric guitar, Bass guitar, tabla, drums, darbuka

last but not the least.. RJ Prithvi did a great job entertaining everyone..

Some Snaps:

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